Business licences and permits

Licences and permits

You may need licences or permits to run your business, particularly in relation to:

  • Carrying out certain types of work such as working at heights, removing asbestos or operating a food business.
  • Running your business from certain premises such as your home or a mobile van.
  • Complying with specific laws such as taxation or occupational health and safety requirements.

Licences and permits are issued by local, state and federal government agencies, as well as other organisations, such as training providers. You can also search for any relevant codes of practice for your industry.

Business Licence Finder

Business licence finder image

Use our free online Business Licence Finder to discover the licences and permits you need for your business.

You will receive a report pack that includes:

  • a list of the licences, permits and codes of practice required for your business
  • details of the agency that administers the licence
  • details of licence fees and periods of cover

More information

  • Contact us if you need help to use the licence finder.