Information to help you avoid and manage business disputes.

Avoiding disputes

Having a written agreement or contract in place, understanding contracts before signing and maintaining good communications can help you to avoid business disputes.

Handling customer complaints

Managing and resolving customer complaints quickly can improve your business reputation and processes.

Writing a letter of demand

You can write a letter of demand yourself to request money owed to you, without requiring a lawyer.

Resolving a dispute

There are key steps you can follow to handle an issue that is causing conflict and protect your business relationships.

Types of disputes we can help with

We can assist with disputes about contracts, leases, non-payment or non-performance, unfair terms and other issues.


Our mediation service aims to resolve business to business and business to government disputes involving at least one small business. 

Support for business owners


Small business workshops

Our practical workshops are packed with key information and useful hints and tips to help you start and grow your business.

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Photo of an SBDC business adviser providing guidance to a client over the phone.

Advisory services

Access free, confidential and trusted advice from our experienced small business advisers.

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Get the latest small business news and practical tips to help you along your business journey.

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Templates, tools and guides

Our free business templates, tools and guides have been designed to assist you to create essential documents for your business and build your knowledge.

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Keep up to date with the latest small business news