Managing your business finances is a part of any viable business.

Financial processes and procedures
Establishing procedures and systems to monitor the financial health of your business and meet your tax obligations helps you have a viable business.
Business finance and loans
If you’re starting or expanding your business you may need to obtain finance, including by borrowing from lenders or investing your own or stakeholders' money.
Financial planning documents
Information on financial reports commonly needed in business such as budgets, forecasts, profit and loss statement and balance sheets.
Providing credit to customers
Outlining how customers pay for your goods and services and when you expect payment is important to protect your business cash flow.
Tax requirements
All businesses are subject to certain record keeping requirements by the ATO. The amount and type of records that you must keep depends on the tax registrations of your business.
Tax reporting requirements
An overview of the different tax reporting required by the ATO including business activity statements, tax returns, payroll reporting and record keeping.
Tax deductions and concessions
Tax deductions are taken off your total assessable income to reduce the amount of tax payable.You may be able to access tax concessions providing you satisfy any associated conditions.
Small business grants
Check for any current grants that your business may be eligible for.
Debt recovery
Establishing a process to deal with non-payment and recover debt is critical to maintaining cash flow and profitability for your business, while maintaining good customer relationships.

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