The first three local government authorities have commenced SBDC’s Small Business Friendly Approvals Program to improve the operating environment for local small businesses.

The SBDC’s Small Business Friendly Approvals Program has commenced, with Small Business Commissioner David Eaton meeting with representatives from the Cities of Melville, Rockingham and Wanneroo to congratulate them on their local government’s selection to round one of the program.

The Approvals Program aims to streamline the process of obtaining business licences and trading permits from local government authorities. It is part of a package of initiatives designed to accelerate regulatory reform to support economic recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to identify reform initiatives to help small businesses to start and thrive in their local areas. Throughout the process, the SBDC will work closely with each local government’s working group to map the current approvals process and identify areas for improvement.

The Program was successfully piloted with the cities of Canning and Stirling in late 2019, identifying changes that would reduce the timeframe for granting an approval, improve business customers’ access to early information and guidance, support better customer service, and introduce internal efficiencies within the local government. Based on the pilot’s success, the Approvals Program was funded to support the participation of 20 local government authorities over the next two years.

The Cities of Melville, Rockingham and Wanneroo were the first selected for the program after a competitive expression of interest process. Collectively, the three local government areas are home to more than 28,000 small businesses. Construction; Transport, Postal and Warehousing; Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services; Financial and Insurance Services and Health Care and Social Assistance are the largest industry groupings across the areas.

The Small Business Commissioner met with City of Melville Mayor, Hon George Gear JP; City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels and City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts and CEO Daniel Simms to celebrate the commencement of this important work.

Mr Eaton said, “I congratulate these three leading local government organisations on being selected as the first group to participate in this program.”

”The process of identifying and implementing reforms that each local government will follow through the Approvals Program requires a significant investment of time and effort from teams across their organisations, and a commitment from their leadership to support this intensive process.”

“Improving the operating environment for businesses and removing barriers to their success will solidify these area’s reputations as places where businesses are supported to succeed.”

“The SBDC is looking forward to working closely and productively with each authority to identify ways to streamline the approvals process for small businesses — ultimately saving both the LGA and business owners time, effort and money and making it easier to start, operate and grow a thriving business in each area.”

Find out more about the Small Business Friendly Approvals Program.


Image: Small Business Commissioner David Eaton (right) with City of Wanneroo CEO Daniel Simms and Mayor Tracey Roberts.

SBDC news
24 February 2021