This workshop is aimed at people who don’t think of themselves as a ‘numbers person’ and looks to take the mystery out of your business financials.

In this interactive session, key financial information will be presented in a visual way using the Colour Accounting Learning System. Participants will be provided with a workbook and pop up pack to use throughout the workshop sessions to assist them to better understand profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

Following this workshop you will have a greater understanding of accounting, finance and business and how they interrelate.

Main topics covered

  • What accounting concepts and terms mean in plain English
  • The importance of a balance sheet and how it talks to your profit and loss statement
  • Understanding what your business finances actually mean
  • Knowing the right questions to ask your accountant or bookkeeper

Who it's for

  • business owners who want to build their knowledge and confidence in finance and accounting
  • accountants and bookkeepers wanting to provide more value to their clients by communicating in a language they can understand

About the presenter

DHM Coaching and Consulting helps business owners make better informed decisions by building their understanding and confidence around the financials of their business. Debbie Millard has a reputation for being able to explain accounting concepts in plain language making it easier to understand by those with a non-finance background.

Financial management



This workshop is offered at a reduced cost thanks to substantial funding from the Government of Western Australia.

What's included

  • Access to the live workshop
  • Copies of any resources shared with attendees

When and where

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