In amongst the myriad of social media platforms vying for our attention, TikTok has emerged as a rapidly growing hub for creative expression and brand promotion. With more than one billion active users worldwide, TikTok’s rise has revolutionised the way brands interact with customers, particularly among the younger demographic.

In this workshop, you will learn how to use TikTok as part of your marketing strategy to increase brand visibility and create meaningful connections with your customers.

You will also gain an in-depth understanding of TikTok’s features, how to use short form video content as part of your marketing strategy and how to identify content creation opportunities to amplify your reach.

For this workshop you will need to:

  • Bring your mobile phone with the TikTok app installed.
  • Sign up for a TikTok account.

Main topics covered

  • Understanding TikTok’s features, tools and algorithms.
  • Effective content creation techniques and strategies.
  • Trending challenges and methods to incorporate them into your marketing.
  • Developing a plan to leverage TikTok as a powerful platform to grow and promote your small business successfully.

Who it’s for

This workshop is ideal for business owners looking to build their brand on TikTok.

About the presenter

The Social Lab is an innovative digital marketing agency empowering businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. Harnessing data-driven insights, compelling storytelling and the latest trends and tools, they specialise in developing impactful campaigns that foster brand awareness, drive engagement and deliver tangible results.

Sales and marketing



This workshop is offered at a reduced cost thanks to substantial funding from the Government of Western Australia.

What's included

  • Access to the live workshop
  • A recording of the workshop which you can access for up to seven days post event (online workshops only)
  • Copies of any resources shared with attendees

When and where

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