This workshop will help you unlock the secrets to building a better brand, one simple yet strategic step at a time.

We'll explore the fundamentals of brand building and show you how to lay a solid foundation for your business' success.

This session will break down complex concepts into actionable steps that generate real results. You’ll learn how to leverage your brand's unique attributes to create meaningful connections with your audience and establish long-lasting loyalty. A blend of expert insights and hands on exercises will give you the confidence and clarity to navigate the developing your brand with ease.

Main topics covered

  • The foundational elements of branding, including purpose, values, and unique attributes.
  • Ways to differentiate your brand from competitors and connect with your target audience strategically.
  • Techniques and skills you can use to authentically and compellingly communicate your brand's message.
  • How cohesive visual identities reinforce brand messages and foster recognition

Who it’s for

This workshop is for small business owners looking to build their business brand.

About the presenter

Harby Studios is a strategic communications consultancy specialising in marketing, advertising, public relations, community engagement and design. They support a diverse range of businesses through an integrated approach to marketing and communications opportunities.

Sales and marketing



This workshop is offered at a reduced cost thanks to substantial funding from the Government of Western Australia.

What's included

  • Access to the live workshop
  • A recording of the workshop which you can access for up to seven days post event (online workshops only)
  • Copies of any resources shared with attendees

When and where

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