I am proud to launch our SBDC Strategic Plan 2023-26, which is guided by our new purpose statement: Unleashing Western Australians' enterprising business spirit.

The aspiration behind this statement speaks to the core of our agency's vision for a strong and enterprising small business sector in Western Australia and the impact we strive to make and have been working towards for nearly 40 years. It is a rallying cry for empowering and supporting the small business sector, recognising its vital role in the economy of Western Australia.

As the Western Australian Government’s key agency for supporting small businesses, we understand that the nearly 235,000 WA small businesses are the backbone of both our community and our economy. They bring innovation, employment opportunities, and economic growth, shaping the landscape of our state. Without their contributions, our lives would be drastically different. We acknowledge the dedication and courage of the individuals who have chosen the path of entrepreneurship, taking on the challenges and rewards of running their own enterprise.

At the Small Business Development Corporation, we are committed to fostering an environment where the spirit of entrepreneurship can thrive. We believe in the potential of small business owners and are passionate about providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to succeed. We want to be the catalyst that propels their businesses forward and helps unlock their full potential.

Starting and operating a small business requires a unique blend of determination, resilience, and innovation. It also requires support, access to skills development, and having a strong advocate in your corner. It is not an easy journey, and we recognise the hurdles and obstacles the self-employed face. 

Our purpose guides our objectives, actions and decisions as articulated in our Strategic Plan, which sets out our agency’s key Strategic Initiatives for the next three years. It reminds us of the importance of our work for the people we serve, and the impact we can make. It drives us to continuously improve our services, adapt to the evolving needs of the small business community, and champion their cause at every opportunity. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey as we work towards creating more opportunities for the people who choose to start a business, create jobs, stimulate innovation, and diversify our economy in Western Australia.

You can download a summary and full version of our strategic plan and contact us if you have any comments or thoughts to share.


Download one-page summary

Download full SBDC Strategic Plan 2023-26


A one page graphic of the SBDC's Strategic Plan 2023-26.
SBDC Strategic Plan 2023-26 - one page summary
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30 June 2023