If you are a small business owner, particularly in the construction or related industries, there will be more than $27 billion worth of projects you can tender for during the next four years.

The WA Pipeline of Work is an online listing of State Government infrastructure projects, planned over the next four years. The initial listings include the WA Recovery Plan infrastructure projects, valued at $2.2. billion.

The listing will be updated over time to include WA projects with a combined forecast value of $27.1 billion (to 2024). Details will include the timing, location, and scope of work included in the projects, as well as contact details for the responsible government agency. The purpose of the pipeline is to support the delivery of statewide infrastructure and economic stimulus projects in a sustainable way, creating opportunities for WA businesses to participate and win work. This in turn will help support local jobs, including in regional areas.

Focus on small business suppliers

The Western Australian Jobs Act 2017 requires WA Government agencies to give local industry opportunities to win government supply contract, with a focus on small and medium sized enterprises. A key component of the Act is the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) which requires head contractors to demonstrate the local economic benefits and opportunities they will provide, through a participation plan.

The Buy Local Policy 2020 evaluates tenders as more competitive if suppliers are based regionally, or if materials and services are purchased locally.

Pipeline of work outcomes

  1. A comprehensive, up-to-date online listing of upcoming infrastructure projects, so that businesses can prepare for upcoming tenders and capacity building.
  2. Information about skills and workshop development resources for businesses. Businesses that demonstrate a commitment to take on trainees, apprentices, Aboriginal people and unemployed youth will have an increased chance of winning government project under the Western Australian Jobs Act 2017.
  3. Tendering initiatives to strengthen the ability of local businesses to participate in government work. This includes a strong focus on supporting regional and Aboriginal businesses’ participation in the tendering process.

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27 November 2020