Throughout 2018, our staff have been hitting the airwaves on RTRFM’s ‘Taking Care of Business’ show.

As part of these monthly chats, we have been able to provide business advice, information on current trends and issues facing small businesses in WA and to share details of our small business workshops and events.

If you missed the interviews when they aired, the good news is that you can catch the interviews online.

Mental wellness for small business owners - December 2018

Business Adviser Merome Beard discusses the challenges that come with running a small business, some of the common warning signs of stress and anxiety, and strategies to help reduce stress within your business. Listen to Merome discuss mental wellness.

Workplace diversity and hiring workers with disabilities - November 2018

Manager Business Advisory Services Lisa Legena discusses the benefits of workplace diversity and the support available to business owners to hire workers with a disability. Listen to Lisa discuss workplace diversity.

Small Business Friendly Local Government initiative - October 2018

Small Business Commissioner David Eaton provides an overview of our Small Business Friendly Local Government (SBFLG) initiative. SBFLG provides support to local councils on how they can improve their operating environment to help small business owners, and the initiative recognises Local Governments that are actively supporting small businesses and making it easier for them to operate. Listen to David discuss the SBFLG initiative.

Online marketing - September 2018

Online Marketing Adviser Mark Kostner discusses the different online marketing tools available to small business owners and explains: why your business should be online; what makes a good website; social media; and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Listen to Mark discuss online marketing and making the most of digital opportunities.

Professional learning and development - July 2018

Manager Business Information and Programs Caragh Waller discussed the importance of continuous learning for both current and aspiring business owners, the essential skills needed to run a successful business and the range of practical skills workshops that we offer. Listen to Caragh discuss professional learning and development.

Business planning - June 2018

Business Adviser Brian Childs discusses the importance of business plans for both current and aspiring business owners. Brian explains the process of writing a business plan, the best people to help you write your plan as well as sharing information on the business planning workshop and free business planning templates we provide. Listen to Brian discuss the process of business planning.

Managing business disputes - May 2018

Case Manager Chantelle Barrett discusses the most common disputes that occur between businesses and the free and low-cost dispute resolution services offered provided via our Alternative Dispute Resolution service. Listen to Chantelle discuss business disputes.

Commercial tenancies - April 2018

Business Adviser Rosina Pedalina provides an insight into commercial leases, how to assess a commercial property (and if it will be right for your business) as well as how to negotiate a lease and what you need to be aware of before you sign on the dotted line. Listen to Rosina discuss commercial tenancies and leasing.

Managing your financials - March 2018

Business Adviser Sonja Kanban talks about the importance of financial management in running a successful business, explains business benchmarking and the benefits they provides as well as sharing tips on managing your business finances. Listen to Sonja discuss managing your business financials.

Taking the plunge - February 2018

Business Adviser Brian Childs discusses the process of setting up a business, including how to evaluate your business idea, testing the water with your new business venture and the support services we can provide to help you start a business. Listen to Brian discuss the process of starting a business.

The importance of the small business sector - January 2018

In a wide ranging interview our Commissioner, David Eaton, spoke to RTRFM about the importance of the small business sector to the State’s economy and employment levels.

The Commissioner also highlighted the range of support services that we provide to current and aspiring small business owners in the State, ranging from practical support, dispute resolution services and advocating to government on behalf of small business owners in Western Australia.

Listen to the Commissioner’s interview with RTRFM.

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11 December 2018