When you’re located in regional Western Australia, it can sometimes feel like you don’t have access to as many resources as your counterparts in the Perth metro area.

Here at the SBDC, we provide a range of support services which are available both locally in your area as well as over the phone or online.

Here is an overview of the services on offer.

Free advice and small business workshops

General business advice for current and aspiring business owners in regional Western Australia is available via our Business Local service. This includes access to free* business advice and guidance on a range of general business topics, as well as small business workshops.

A number of regional businesses have benefitted from our Business Local service, including this recent compliment for one of our providers received via Facebook.

Screen shot of a positive Facebook review about the SBDC's Business Local service.

Find out more about our business advisory service, including Business Local.

Dispute resolution service

If you find yourself in dispute with another business or a government department, our dispute resolution service can help you – no matter where you are located in Western Australia.

Commercial tenancy advice

Signing a lease is a big commitment, both legally and financially. Before you make any verbal commitments or sign a commercial lease, contact us to speak to one of our business advisers who specialise in commercial tenancy.

Business Licence Finder

Most businesses will need some form of licences or permits in order to operate. The good news is that finding this information is quick and easy thanks to our free online Business Licence Finder, which you can use to generate a customised report that outlines:

  • all of the licences, permits and codes of practice your business needs
  • details of the particular agency responsible for each licence and how to apply
  • a breakdown of the licence fees and period of cover.

Free online resources

Our website offers a range of practical information and free resources for you to download. In particular:

Looking for business support in Western Australia?

If you’re in Western Australia, you can access free business advice (including dispute resolution services and commercial tenancy advice) and small business workshops directly from us at the SBDC.


* Business advisory sessions are free, however there may be a charge if you receive services not covered by Business Local. You will be clearly advised before incurring any costs.

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22 May 2019