Everybody loves music. Playing some tunes in your workplace can help create a positive working environment for your staff or help set the mood for your customers while shopping, dining or working out.

But did you know that if you play music in your business you’re required to have a licence or you may be at risk of breaking copyright laws?

Many business owners don’t realise that playing music comes with legal obligations under the Copyright Act 1968. This includes:

  • playing the radio 
  • listening to a CD
  • streaming digital music

How do I get a licence to play music in my business?

The good news for business owners is that securing these licences has just become much easier with the launch of the OneMusic Australia website – which allows you to apply for and secure all the licences you need from the various performing arts industry bodies in one place.

What happens if I play music in my business without a licence?

If you’re caught you can be issued with cease and desist notice or be required to pay outstanding licensing costs.

More information

For more information on music licences and prices visit the OneMusic Australia website.

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Legal and risk
01 August 2019