Feeling confident in your abilities is a strong starting point when you’re considering running your own business.

Jarrod Whitbourne was able to manage demanding FIFO shifts as a boilermaker while completing an accounting degree - a juggling act that first gave him confidence in his business capabilities.

With 10 years of industry experience and a family legacy of boilermaking behind him, Jarrod registered his business Hammer Tech in 2017. Here are some lessons and insights he has shared from his business journey so far.

Start small

Hammer Tech began trading in 2019, initially offering labour hire services.

“Starting with labour hire allowed me to build relationships with a few clients without having overhead expenses like a workshop,” said Jarrod

“It was probably a year or so afterwards that companies started requesting bigger jobs. Fast forward to now and we are busier than ever with four employees and on the hunt for a larger workshop.”

Support local

Jarrod’s business now designs and manufactures equipment in the rail, mining and civil industries, specialising in attachments to suit excavators, loaders and skid steers.

“I feel honoured to be manufacturing in Australia,” said Jarrod. “Making the decision to support local businesses is something I strongly believe in. Having recently employed tradespeople and an apprentice gives me great satisfaction, to be able to provide full-time employment and training the next group of tradespeople.”

Connect with other WA business owners

Jarrod has found that the challenges of small business ownership include managing cashflow and finding time to work on the business, rather than always in it

As a member of the SBDC Facebook group I’m a small business owner in Western Australia, he enjoys connecting with other local businesses. “It’s great to have discussions with people who are experiencing and overcoming some of the same issues.”

Persistence pays off

Jarrod has learned that persistence and preparation are key to success. “Opportunities always present themselves to those who work hard and are prepared.”

“You need to keep persisting, day in day out. There can be numerous occasions where you want to throw in the towel - but you just have to keep getting up and carrying on. Persist with clients, persist with workers and persist with growing the business.”

More information

So far, Jarrod has attended SBDC workshops on marketing and starting a business. Explore our range of upcoming workshops to find one that suits your goals and where you are on your business journey.

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25 October 2021