Fiona Taylor is a health and wellness coach, running her business Choose Healthy while managing the demands of a separate day job.

Fiona offers online food workshops, challenges, webinars and in-person workshops and presentations on food, energy and self-care.

With 27 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Fiona is well-placed to apply the personal development skills she fosters within her clients to her own experiences in the world of small business. Here are some insights she has shared from her journey so far.

Enjoy the ride

As Fiona builds her business with view to eventually working for herself full-time, she has learned to expect ups and downs along the way.

“Running a business is a one of the biggest personal development journeys you’ll ever go on – it’s like being on a rollercoaster!” says Fiona.

“There’s the challenge of building a regular income, and there’s the excitement and frustration of learning everything. I love that I get to work on creating a different life for myself.”

Take time out

Business burnout can be a serious issue for many small business owners, so Fiona takes proactive steps to keep things in balance. “I love my business and what I do, so it doesn’t feel like ‘work’, but creating space by having time away from the business every week is when the magic happens.”

Plan ahead

Forward planning is crucial for Fiona’s clients to live a healthier, happier life - and it’s a critical part of her own business too. “Planning is freedom, so I set one monthly business goal based on my quarterly goals. Then I map that out weekly and then work out what needs to be done daily – it feels doable and less overwhelming.”

Play to your strengths

Fiona continues to build her skills and learn more about small business, including when to outsource and try new systems. “It’s a challenge when you start by doing everything, and then you learn when to outsource and up-level your systems. Some of the changes I’ve made along the way have included hiring a virtual assistant, moving to a new marketing platform and getting help with my copy, messaging and social media.”

Find the right kind of support

“Often family and friends don’t get what you do or why you do it - but finding the right support, such as a business coach and business group makes a huge difference!”

Fiona joined the SBDC Facebook group I’m a small business owner in Western Australia and enjoys being part of the community and sharing information related to running a business.

Find out more about Fiona's business Choose Healthy.

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14 October 2021