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Extended Christmas trading hours

The State Government has approved an additional 36 trading hours for general retail shops in the Perth metro area in the lead-up to Christmas.

While businesses classed as small or speciality retailers can generally trade across whichever hours they choose, if you’re a small retailer that’s based in a shopping centre (and have to follow standard trading hours) the extended Christmas trading period will give you the chance to extend the trading hours of your business.

The extended trading period will start on Saturday 5 December and end on New Year’s Day 2020.

Tip: All shops are regarded as general retail shops unless they are a small retail shop, special retail shop, service station or motor vehicle shop.

Extended trading hours for Christmas 2020

During the extended trade period, general retail stores in the Perth metro area will be allowed to open from:

  • 7am to 9pm on weekdays (commencing from Monday 14 December and including Christmas Eve)
  • 8am to 6pm on Saturdays (commencing from Saturday 5 December)
  • 8am to 6pm on Sundays (commencing from Sunday 6 December)
  • 8am to 6pm on Boxing Day and New Year's Day public holidays

If you decide to open during the extended Christmas trading hours, you may be required to contribute towards the additional operating costs incurred by your landlord. Read our extended Christmas trade and your lease article to find out more.

Please note: General retail stores will need to remain closed on Christmas Day.

If you are a business owner in regional Western Australia, extended Christmas retail trading hours vary by location. If you are unsure of the extended trading hours for your region, contact your local council or call the Consumer Protection Retail Trading Hours Branch on 6251 2453.

Plan ahead for the Christmas and New Year period

With the year flying by we recommend that you start planning for the holiday season now. This can include having plans around:

Remember to make time for yourself

The combination of longer trading hours and family obligations can make the Christmas and New Year period particularly tiring for business owners and staff.

See our tips on managing stress and anxiety to help you keep on top of things during what can be a stressful time.

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