Having the right mindset is key to success in small business. Adwoa Abban sees every project as a win – and has used a range of our SBDC services to set up, expand her knowledge and grow her business.

Quantum Phases Consortium is an independent cost, contracts and claims consultancy based in Perth. Adwoa Abban, the principal consultant and owner of the business, shared these insights about her small business journey so far.

No day is the same

Six years into her business journey, Adwoa enjoys the challenge of creating new solutions for each client.

“We provide customised services to clients in construction to make sure we save them money and can bring wayward projects back on track,” she says.

“Every project is unique, and the issues for our clients are different too – in terms of what documents they have, what it is they need us to achieve. So in terms of the strategies and solutions we provide to clients, those are all unique too. We are constantly coming up with new solutions for them.”

Every project is a win

While every business will go through ups and downs, Adwoa treats every project as an opportunity for growth.

“For a small business like ours, we need constant opportunities to get work - not just from the government side but from the public, to help us grow and expand. We’ve had the opportunity to work on some big projects, exciting and complex projects. Every project is a win – it helps us to grow and build our portfolio.”

Learn about areas outside your usual expertise

Knowing where to turn for support has been helpful for Adwoa over her small business journey.

“When I wanted to start my business, I did a lot of research. I was trying to find where do I get information and guidance, where do I get opportunities from? Coming from a technical background, I needed someone to help me set the business up. That’s when I found the SBDC – and they’ve been really, really helpful.”

“SBDC helped me do a business plan and marketing strategies. I’ve also gone to them every now and then if I’ve needed guidance or assistance in certain areas.”

Adwoa has also used some of the tools and templates available on our SBDC website.

“I have used the financial planning and the profit and loss template. These helped a lot as I didn’t need to create my own. I also look on the SBDC website for information every now and then – and that will keep me going.”

Photo of Quantum Phases Consortium owner Adwoa Abban writing on a whiteboard.
Adwoa Abban, owner of Quantum Phases Consortium.

You can ask for help at any stage of your business

Adwoa found our SBDC services helpful as she started her business and has continued to explore our services.

“The initial SBDC courses I did set me up to manage the problems as they came through. Now, if there are any challenging problems which I face, I give them a call. They’re really helpful and you get to have that one-on-one guidance on what to do.”

“I know it’s a Government organisation that I can go and ask questions and I’ll get that unbiased information. If they don’t have it, they’ll point me to the right person or the right place to go.”

Resilience is everything

Adwoa participated in the SBDC’s 2021 PIVOT program where business owners learned how to work on their mindsets and set themselves up for success.

“I have attended a PIVOT program which was very helpful as well. It helped with resilience, considering the changing environment and changing times. You need to be resilient and think about ways to keep the business going.”

“I would recommend people go to the SBDC when they’re starting their business or for ongoing support. They helped me to get started with the business and it’s been a success!”

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21 October 2022