The founder of Impact Digi, Tamara Bin Amat, advises other indigenous businesses to stay true to their roots and collaborate with other community-driven enterprises as a path to business success.

Impact Digi is a Karratha based digital design business which employs a team of nine. Its client portfolio includes fellow indigenous and non-indigenous business throughout the Pilbara and the Kimberley.

Tamara said that after ten years as a 100 per cent indigenous owned and operated enterprise, her advice to other businesses is to embrace the power of effective branding and marketing to make a lasting impact.

Look for gaps in the market to fill

Tamara said that the initial momentum to create a business in digital design came from the local businesses that were seeking her out to help with marketing due to her background in media and communications.

“So, I decided the fill this gap in the Pilbara by launching a full-service marketing agency,” she said.

“I saw this as an opportunity to help them grow and to give back to my community.”

Being based in Karratha, with branches in Port Hedland and Perth, Impact Digi has been able to capitalise on their local knowledge and presence.

“People like to work with us because we not only offer digital solutions but also a deep understanding of our region’s culture and unique needs,” Tamara explained.

“We bring a personal touch that self-service platforms just can't do.”

“I like to look at it as a partnership with the client and that together, we can do great things.”

Don’t regret not reaching out more to SBDC

Tamara said that the SBDC has been a fantastic resource for help and advice, both when she was starting her business and as she grew.

“They really helped me kick things off when I was just starting up, answering all my questions and helping me build a strong foundation for my business,” she said.

“Looking back, I wish I had reached out for even more help earlier and taken full advantage of the resources out there, which can really help a business step up its game.”

The initial downtime of COVID presented a great opportunity for Tamara’s team members to join several of the SBDC's online marketing workshops.

“They were a game-changer for our company,” she said.

“We picked up some valuable insights that have really shaped where we're heading.”

Tough times for others can mean opportunities for you

Specialising in digital and online business support, Impact Digi enjoyed a significant increase in demand during the pandemic.

“Not being able to interact personally with customers, lots of businesses realised the importance of a strong online presence and effective digital marketing during those challenging times.”

Photo of Tamara Bin Amat, owner of Impact Digi, sitting in her office.
Founder of Impact Digi, Tamara Bin Amat.

Continual learning and upskilling are a must to keep pace

More than many other businesses, the pace of change in the digital design sphere is constant and relentless.

Tamara said that she makes sure her team keeps learning and stays up to date with the latest trends to meet the challenge.

“We’re committed to giving local and regional businesses the high-quality support they need,” she said.

The isolation of the Pilbara has led to Impact Digi experiencing challenges sourcing the same resources and funding afforded to businesses in the metropolitan area.

“The upside it has taught us to be resourceful, resilient, and creative in finding ways to grow and compete,” Tamara said.

Be the inspiration for other like-minded businesses

Impact Digi plans to expand its business reach further in the near future, supporting more businesses not just in Karratha, but across the country, supporting other indigenous businesses.

“We want to be a driving force behind the success of Indigenous businesses and showcase the amazing things we can do together,” Tamara said.

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13 October 2023