Using an unregistered agent to lodge your tax return or business activity statement (BAS) can put you and your business at risk.

An unregistered tax or BAS agent may not have the appropriate qualifications or skills needed to handle your BAS or tax requirements.

If the agent is negligent with your return, you will not be protected by the safe harbour provision that protects you from liability or penalty for these errors, which would be the case if your BAS and tax agent is registered.

How can I check that my agent is registered?

Image of the Tax Practitioners Board Registered Logo

The good news is that checking that your agent is registered is as simple as:

  • using the Tax Practitioners Board’s online register to search for your agent
  • looking for the registered agent symbol (pictured right), a tax practitioner would also display their registration number along with the symbol


Benefits of using a registered BAS or tax agent

By using a registered agent you can be confident that:

  • your agent is fully qualified and bound by a professional code of conduct
  • you are protected under their professional indemnity insurance
  • you can enjoy extended lodgement dates for tax returns and BAS statements


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More information

If you discover the agent you are using is unregistered, contact the Tax Practitioners Board

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18 June 2024