Have you ever struggled with confidence or feel the signs of imposter syndrome? These feelings can prevent you from reaching your full business potential, and that’s where The Confidence Code can help.

This five-week online masterclass focuses on the core pillars that can help you become an influential business woman. You will learn how to reconnect with your why, increase your confidence and conviction and re-engage in your business with greater focus and passion.

This masterclass runs over five weeks, with a one-hour session each week.


Main topics covered

Week 1 | Wednesday, 8 February | 10am to 11am | You as a natural influencer

In this session you’ll shift your perception of what influence really is and where you are drawn to exert it naturally. You will learn how to reconnect to your why (the purpose behind your business), uncover which of the six levels of society you are drawn to serve and tune into the signs that indicate your desire to become a woman of influence.

Week 2 | Wednesday, 15 February | 10am to 11am | The truth about confidence

When you understand what confidence really is, you regain the trust and momentum that are pivotal for both personal and business success.

Learn the eight confidence myths that vacuum smart women’s self-belief, energy and momentum. You’ll be introduced to the four key ‘Confidence Crushers’ and learn how to overcome them so a lack of confidence will never hold you back again.

Week 3 | Wednesday, 22 February | 10am to 11am | The power of your voice

Learn the three purposes of your voice and how they can be used to amplify your impact and influence. Influential language cuts through the noise around you and helps you effectively communicate with your customers.

Week 4 | Wednesday, 1 March | 10am to 11am | Potency of presence

How you show up impacts on how others perceive you and engage with you. In this session, we’ll look at how to amplify your ability to draw people to you and your brilliant ideas. We’ll also explore the study of energy, rate your own energetics and learn how to hold space for magic to occur.

Week 5 | Wednesday, 8 March | 10am to 11am | Circle of champions

Are you feeling isolated as a business owner?

Are you highly independent and tend to figure it all out on your own or do you have a robust support circle around you?

No one truly builds a business on their own. In this session you will learn what a circle of champions is, how to build one and most importantly how to become a champion yourself.

Who it's for

This workshop is for women business owners (new or established) who struggle with:

  • Comparing themselves to others, which keeps them from achieving their dreams and goals.
  • Worrying how others will perceive them, especially if they don’t feel as confident as they appear.
  • Looking for outer recognition to affirm they are on the right track.
  • Feeling they may not have what it takes to make their business dreams come true.

About the presenter

Cindy Kennedy is the founder of Shine Consulting. She is a leadership consultant and performance coach who specialises in leadership, impact and influence.



This workshop is offered at a reduced cost thanks to substantial funding from the Government of Western Australia.

When and where

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