The art of negotiating is an essential skill for business owners helping you to achieve your goals, create value in contracts and resolve conflicts. Using the six easy to follow stages of the negotiation process, you will become a better negotiator, leaving the workshop with a clear and concise one page plan and roadmap for future negotiations.

Main topics covered

  • Various communication approaches.
  • Different negotiation styles and tactics.
  • The six stages of the negotiation process.
  • Dealing with negotiation deadlocks.
  • The meaning of BATNA (best alternative to no agreement) in negotiation.
  • Working with teams.
  • Role play negotiation.

Who it’s for

This workshop is for business owners looking to improve their negotiation skills.

About the presenter

Emergination offers practical business coaching and expert advice, specialising in sales and marketing, strategic planning and implementation support. Managing Director Justin Davies has more than 15 years experience as a business coach, dedicated to empowering business owners to thrive. As an accomplished mentor and facilitator, he is committed to helping startups and business innovators succeed by providing valuable guidance and support.

Interpersonal skills



This workshop is offered at a reduced cost thanks to substantial funding from the Government of Western Australia.

What's included

  • Access to the live workshop
  • A recording of the workshop which you can access for up to seven days post event (online workshops only)
  • Copies of any resources shared with attendees

When and where

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