SBDC e-news – December 2016 - Scammers

Scammers ramp it up for the holidays

Unscrupulous scammers are out in force in the period leading into the summer holidays with numerous scams being reported to the WA ScamNet.

  • A Perth restaurateur has lost $1,350 in a phone scam where the caller pretended to be from Alinta Energy and threatened to cut off the power over an unpaid bill. The caller urged the restaurant employee to pay by direct bank transfer immediately to avoid the power being cut off within the hour.
  • The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is warning users to beware of a scam email claiming there is a medical crisis in the country involving the Ebola virus. The email claims to be from a health or medical organisation and includes an attachment that purports to list preventative measures against the disease. However, the attachment actually includes malware that, once downloaded onto a user’s computer, may be used to intercept or manipulate online banking transactions.
  • People should be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls claiming to be from the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN). ACORN is a national policing initiative that allows you to securely report cybercrime. A number of people have reported being contacted by scammers who say they are from ACORN and go on to make false claims including that the person may be eligible for a payout, or that their computer has been infected and the caller can help to fix it. The caller then asks the person to undertake risky actions such as providing bank details, making a payment to third parties, or downloading software to allow someone to remotely access their device.

For more information visit Stay Safe Online.

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