SBDC e-news – December 2016 - Co-working spaces

Are co-working spaces right for you?

Image of co-working space

If your business is too big for a home-base but not big enough for premises of your own, you might like to consider a co-working space. Co-workers share a working environment but are not employed by the same organisation and individuals work independently on their own business.

The demand for co-working spaces is growing as small business start-ups and others recognise the benefits of shared working environments.

Spaces can be relatively low in cost, ranging from $50 to $500 per month, charged at various rates; casual, freelancer or by membership.

Small businesses also have the choice of sharing spaces where the co-habitants are in the same industry. Spaces can be in an office/workstation setting, or customised for industries such as cooking/catering or fashion design.

Others are tailored for artistic and creative industries, or for those who share the same life stage, for example spaces designed for parents who wish to bring babies or young children to work with them.

For most businesses starting out, the co-working environment offers a chance to be part of a business community and to establish networks with other start-up businesses. There’s also the benefit of having a professional business address if a space is chosen in the CBD.

But co-working spaces are not for everyone. Some may find the environment noisy, distracting or even volatile with constantly changing co-workers. Compared to a home-office, co-working spaces can also become expensive - particularly if you build in the cost of time lost to socialising.

WA has numerous co-working spaces in the metropolitan area, from Perth to Fremantle and as far north as Wanneroo and Joondalup. If you’re keen to find one, Startup News has compiled a list of places where you can hot-desk and work in a supportive environment.

The City of Perth also has a list of co-working spaces specific to the CBD.

If you want to get away from it all or do some business while you’re on holiday, there are co-working spaces available in the regions from Margaret River, to Bunbury, Geraldton and Karratha.

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