Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grant: Round One

Information about round two of the Lockdown Assistance Grants for the recent four day lockdown is available here.

About the grants

The Western Australian Government recognises that many small businesses were affected by the three day Anzac Day long weekend lockdown. This is why more than $30 million has been committed to help eligible businesses in the Perth, Rottnest and Peel regions recover from this setback. Subject to the terms and conditions and eligibility criteria, payments of $2,000 will be made to eligible businesses that apply.

The payments are to offset some of the direct costs incurred because of the lockdown, such as loss of perishable goods or cancellations, as well as lost bookings due to cancellations. They are not intended to cover lost revenue or potential profits.

Applications have now closed

Applications for the Anzac Day lockdown assistance grants closed at 5pm on 30 June 2021. We are unable to accept late applications.

For small business advice and assistance, contact us.