Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grant FAQs

How much is the grant and what can I use it for?

The value of the grant is $2,000 and no GST applies. The grant is intended to help offset the losses incurred by your business, however there is no specific guidance as to how you may use the money.

What evidence will I need to prove that my business fits into an eligible category?

You’ll be asked for a link to your business website (or main social media page) if you have one, and to provide a brief description of what your business does.


  • ABC café operates five days a week, Mon-Fri, providing hot beverages and light meals to dine-in and take away customers.
  • XYZ Hair and Beauty provides a wide range of services to customers. We operate six days a week, Mon-Sat by appointment and walk-ins.

What supporting evidence do I need to provide to demonstrate I have suffered a financial loss?

In the event that the SBDC asks you to provide evidence of financial loss, you will be required to sign a statutory declaration that attests to the loss plus provide any supporting information you feel relevant such as;

  • Emails or texts to or from clients or suppliers detailing cancelled orders or appointments
  • Receipts for refunds provided
  • Invoices or delivery dockets
  • Appointment/scheduling platform, demonstrating cancelled appointments or bookings
  • Screenshots of cancelled events

If I have two or more businesses under the same ABN can I make multiple applications?

No, only one application can be made for each ABN.

If I have more than one business with different ABNs, can I make an application for each affected business?

Yes, you will need to make separate applications for each eligible business, however you can use the 
same SmartyGrants login for all applications.

Can I apply if I have a mobile business (ie. not based in one location), such as a food truck, or my business operates via a market stall?

Yes, providing the business was due to trade in the Perth, Rottnest or Peel regions during the dates stated in the eligibility criteria. You must retain evidence that you were due to trade during the period, such as a booking confirmation.

Can I apply as a sole trader, if I have more than 20 employees, or if I am a franchisee?

Yes, if your business meets all eligibility criteria.

Can I apply if I didn’t incur any additional costs resulting from the lockdown, but did suffer a loss of revenue?

No, you must have sustained a direct loss, such as the loss of perishable goods or cancellations of bookings. The grant does not cover loss of potential revenue.

Can I apply as not-for-profit or charity organisation?

Yes, provided you meet all the eligibility criteria including location and primary activity.

If my application is successful, how and when will I receive the grant payment?

All efforts will be made to process applications as quickly as possible, as they are received. If your application is successful, payment will be made to your nominated bank account and a remittance advice will be emailed to you. Please remember to check your junk inbox for emails from or add this address to your ‘safe senders’ list. You do not need to issue a tax invoice to receive payment.

Will I be notified if my application is unsuccessful?

Yes; you will be notified by email if your application is unsuccessful. Please remember to check your junk inbox for emails from or add this address to your ‘safe senders’ list. If you have not received an email from us regarding the outcome within three weeks of submitting your application, please email

What happens if I receive a grant but it is discovered later that my business was ineligible?

Payment is based on the information you provide during the application process. However, the WA Government, at its sole discretion, may conduct random or specific audits of some payments and reserves the right to recover any payments made that did not meet the eligibility guidelines.

How do I amend my application after submitting it?

If you realise you’ve made an error and wish to amend your application, please email stating your application number and giving a brief explanation as to why you would like your application to be reopened. Do not include any attachments. You will receive an email from SmartyGrants with instructions as to how to make your required changes (remember to check your junk mail). You will then have five working days to amend and resubmit your application. Please note, we will not use any information you include in your initial email to update your application and are unable to make any changes on your behalf.

How do I withdraw my application after submitting it?

If you no longer wish to proceed with your application, please email stating your application number and asking for it to be withdrawn. You do not need to give a reason why. We will manage this on your behalf, and no further action will be required by you.

Who do I contact with any queries about the program?

If you have any queries about the Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grants, please email Please do not enquire about the progress of your application as, due to the volume of applications expected, we are unable to update you on this matter.