Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grant: Round Two, June 2021

The Western Australian Government has announced another round of targeted Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grants to assist small businesses most impacted by the recent circuit-breaker four-day lockdown and interim restrictions.

The grant program will provide $3000 cash flow support to small businesses in industry sectors most impacted and will be made available to eligible small businesses across Perth, Peel and regional Western Australia.

Eligibility criteria

Read the full eligibility criteria.

Terms and conditions and FAQs

Download the program terms and conditions and frequently asked questions.

Key steps

1. Ensure your internet browser is up to date, the following browsers are recommended:

  • Google Chrome v3.0+
  • Safari v3.0+
  • Firefox v2.0+
  • Internet Explorer v8.0+

2. Register on our online grants portal SmartyGrants for a new account and to make an application for this program. If you applied for round one of the Lockdown Assistance Grants please use the same email address and password when submitting an application for round two.

3. Commence your application. Applications can be saved and returned to later, but can’t be accessed or edited once submitted.

4. Once you have started your application you will receive an automated email which will include your unique application number.

5. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a second automated email acknowledging receipt. Without this acknowledgement your application has not been successfully submitted.

6. Applications must be received by 11:59pm on Tuesday 31 August 2021. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

7. Applications will be reviewed as quickly as possible and you will be notified of the result.

8. Payments for successful applications will be made to your nominated business bank account.

Submit an application

Visit the SmartyGrants website to submit your application