Website Planning (formerly known as Website Basics)


Image of a small business ownerJust about every business needs a website. Even if customers don’t actually buy online, they are still doing extensive online research before making a purchase. Having a website provides the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your goods or services and to engage with current and potential customers. 

Website Planning (formerly known as Website Basics) is a practical workshop that describes the main concepts you need to understand before you design and build a website yourself or contract a professional developer.

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Who's it for

This workshop is designed for small business operators who do not have a website, or those who have one but want to better understand how it works. Beyond being able to ‘surf the net’, no previous or technical knowledge is required to attend this workshop. 


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This workshop covers:

  • the type of website that will best meet your business needs
  • an overview of domain names, web hosting, booking and shopping systems
  • the main options for website development
    • hiring professional developers
    • using templates to build your own
    • using web builder wizards
  • developing a site map
  • writing for the web
  • creating images and graphics
  • managing SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • monitoring website performance

In addition to a practical workbook, you’ll also receive a Build a website booklet that you can use as the foundation of your new website.

Practical examples and directions of where to source online tools are provided throughout the workshop. You’ll also be able to ask questions.

You don’t need to bring a laptop or tablet with you.

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