Tendering Masterclass


All tenders and proposals need to show best value for money. Through in-class discussions and examples completed in a take-home workbook you'll learn how to demonstrate best value for money. This workshop is particularly good for people who have already attempted tenders with inconsistent success, or don't know how to improve the quality of tenders in order to stand out from the crowd.

Main topics covered

  • Understanding the qualitative criteria of government tenders
  • Understanding pricing and how to demonstrate competitiveness
  • Articulating how your business can deliver best value for money and stand out from the crowd
  • An opportunity to have your questions from past experience answered
  • Providing tips on managing your contract after successfully winning the tender

Who it's for

This workshop is for small business owners who have tendered previously, but aren't sure how to improve the quality of their responses or have questions on how to complete particular sections. Examples of previous questions and responses are welcomed.


This workshop is free of charge.

About the presenter

Ichiban Commercial Solutions provides a range of practical workshops to help remove barriers to winning government tenders. The workshop is presented by Principal Procurement Advisor, Celia Jordaan. As a small business owner herself, Celia understands your situation, and combines this knowledge with her corporate and international experience in law, procurement, and the management of risk and contractors.