Spreading the Word - Marketing your Business


Image of a small business ownerMarketing involves thinking of your business in terms of customer needs and satisfaction. While selling focuses on getting people to exchange their money for your products or services, marketing is the value you give them. 

Businesses only thrive by understanding their customers and using marketing strategies to meet their needs. Today’s consumers are overwhelmed by promotional ‘noise’ (in both on and off-line environments), so it’s essential that your message is the one that ‘cuts through’.  

This workshop will help you understand what marketing is and provide practical ideas and strategies to help your business succeed. 

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Who's it for

This workshop is for people wanting to understand marketing basics. The focus is on what marketing actually is and how to write a marketing plan for your business. A range of on and off-line (traditional) marketing channels are covered, with online marketing (including websites, email and social media) only explored briefly. Our Online Marketing – doing it yourself workshop covers this in more depth.

While it’s not essential to attend our 12 Step Business Plan workshop first, it can be useful to develop the overall direction of your business first, before writing your marketing plan.


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This workshop provides an essential guide to marketing your business, covering:

  • market research
  • profiling your target markets
  • identifying what makes your business unique
  • developing your brand
  • an overview of a range of marketing channels
  • setting your marketing goals and budget
  • keeping your loyal customers
  • monitoring your marketing activities

You’ll also receive a practical workbook that will help you to clarify your marketing plans, and be able to ask questions.

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