Making the Most of Zoom


Are you making the most of the features available in Zoom for your video meetings? While there has been a huge rise in the use of Zoom for business meetings, there are a number of features that you may not be aware of that can help you make better use of this software.

In this interactive workshop you will learn about the various Zoom controls, test your video meeting equipment (and discover additional equipment that may be useful to you), get tips on how to look professional as well covering what may go wrong when hosting larger Zoom meetings and how to manage these situations.

Main topics covered

  • Creating a business account in Zoom
  • Recognising common issues and how to troubleshoot
  • Creating customised Zoom background
  • The difference between meetings and webinars
  • Understanding Zoom settings and which are best for different purposes
  • How to record Zoom sessions and access the recordings

Who it's for

This session is for business owners who want to make better use of Zoom to host video meetings or workshops.


This workshop is just $20 to attend as our workshop program is subsidised by the Government of Western Australia.

About the presenter

Business Station has a successful history in enabling and supporting the establishment, growth and ultimate success of  small businesses.