Google Ads Made Simple


Unfortunately advertising on social media can convert as few as 1% of visitors into purchasers. While Google Ads can offer much higher conversion rates, there's much more involved than simply creating an ad to send visitors to your website. This workshop will help you create a Google Ads campaign strategy that attracts your target market and helps convert them into actual leads, sales and repeat customers for your business.

Main topics covered

  • Identifying search intent - matching marketing messages to what people are searching for
  • Creating compelling ads that encourage click through
  • Setting up your website and landing pages for maximum conversion
  • Avoiding the single biggest mistake leading to overspend on poor performing ads
  • How to apply Kaizen strategies to continuously improve return on investment

Who it's for

This workshop is for business owners with an online presence who are new to Google Ads or have run campaigns in the past with only limited success.


This workshop is free of charge.

About the presenter

That Web Company helps small business owners cut through confusing digital marketing jargon with a simple, step-by-step approach to creating successful digital marketing campaigns that provide a return on investment.

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