A Practical Introduction to Cyber Security


There are many reasons you need a basic understanding of cyber security - protecting the privacy of your customer records, intellectual property, and client credit or debit card information - are some of the obvious ones. Luckily, cyber security doesn’t have to be difficult. There are simple measures that if understood and implemented, can significantly avoid, or reduce the impact of, the most common cyber security incidents. In this interactive workshop you’ll join other small business owners in a range of hands-on activities and seminar discussions around best practice. You’ll also learn realistic, practical strategies you can implement when you return to your workplace.

Main topics covered

  • Understanding password security, virtual private networks, password managers, 2FA (two factor authentication)
  • Social engineering and phishing scams
  • Secured and unsecured networks - the Internet of Things explained
  • Cleaning your computer and operating incognito
  • Ethical hacking using open-source intelligence

Who it's for

These workshops are suitable for all small business owners and their employees.


The cost of this workshop is just $20, thanks to substantial funding from the Government of Western Australia.

About the presenter

ECU is ranked Australia's top public university for 'Business and Management' in quality of educational experience, teaching quality, skill development, and student support. With course content developed in consultation with industry groups and the latest theory with hands-on, practical experiences it a great option to build your professional skills and knowledge.