Business Basics


Image of a business ownerIf you are thinking about starting a business, but don't know where to begin, this FREE workshop will take you through the essentials. 

You’ll cover the key steps; from initial assessment and looking at your suitability to run a business, to financing your idea, and identifying sales opportunities. 

You’ll also receive lots of hints and tips on where to find more detailed information and advice on how to start a business.

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Who's it for

Anyone thinking about starting their own business, or who already has a business but is open to new ideas.  

Who attends Business Basics?

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The workshop includes:

  • All the essentials of starting your own business
  • Key steps to launching your business
    • are you ready
    • assess your business idea
    • build your business plan
    • choose your business structure
    • legal obligations
    • build your support team
    • figure out your finances
    • market your business
  • Help to complete an ‘Are you ready?’ checklist
  • A practical workbook that can be used as the foundation of your business plan
  • Plenty of opportunities to ask questions

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