Dealing with unexpected events

Unexpected events such as natural disasters or loss of key staff can impact your ability to run your business. As your business is critical to your financial wellbeing, it is important to plan for these events so you can respond and recover quickly.

A business continuity plan generally includes:

  • A detailed list identifying risks that could disrupt your business.
  • Actions to be taken if the unexpected event occurs.
  • A list of key staff and stakeholders and their specific roles in relation to the plan.
  • Plans for a relocation strategy if your premises should be inaccessible.
  • Emergency contact telephone numbers.
  • Details of where first aid and key documents are stored.
  • A list of key documents such as insurance policies and financial records that need to be retrieved if the plan is activated.
  • A communication plan to broadcast key message about the disruption.
  • A guide as to when the plan is to be activated.

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