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Stirling's initiatives to support small business

I recently attended the City of Stirling’s Mayoral Business Breakfast held at the City’s Reception Hall.

There was significant interest in the event from the small business community with more than 130 attending the breakfast.

I had the privilege of providing a keynote speech on the services the SBDC offers to small business and how our advocacy and policy reform can improve the operating environment.

Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin said a key priority for the City is to address the needs and concerns of small business so we can support growth within the Stirling area.

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I found it wonderful to see the City of Stirling’s commitment to small business owners including their commitment (as shown in their video) to improve their processes and customer service.

There are many resources available to small businesses including access to information and advice from a number of organisations including the Small Business Development Corporation, industry groups and chambers of commerce.

Mayor Irwin said the main message he wanted to deliver is that the City is listening to small business owners and working to improve how it works with them.

“Having been a small business owner myself, I know that running a small business is not easy. It takes a huge amount of effort and dedication and with successes, come challenges – and I can honestly say that I have experienced both,” he said.

“So I know how important it is to have support, not just from family, friends and other local businesses – but your local council.”

Small Business Friendly Local Government initiative

The City of Stirling is participating in our Small Business Friendly Local Governments initiative, which encourages Local Government Authorities to engage with and support small businesses.

As we celebrate the second year of the SBFLG initiative, we’d like to congratulate the 24 towns, cities and shires across WA that have signed the Charter and are committed to being ‘small business friendly’ – they cover more than 42 per cent of the State’s small businesses.

Are you a business owner in the City of Stirling?

Contact the City of Stirling if you’d like to find out more about the support available to local businesses or to provide feedback to the City.

More information

A number of local government bodies have already committed to provide a range of services and activities to make life easier for small businesses in their area. See whether your local government has signed on and if so, what they’re offering you.

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