If you’re one of the 184 small business owners in the Shire of Ashburton, you’re set to benefit from the city’s commitment to our Small Business Friendly Local Government (SBFLG) initiative.

By signing the SBFLG charter, the Shire of Ashburton has become one of 35 local government authorities (LGAs) to commit to working with, and supporting, small business owners.

As part of the Shire’s commitment to supporting small businesses, they will:

  • offer business grants in line with a recently released economic and tourism development strategy
  • coordinate networking events for small businesses
  • increase opening hours of shire offices
  • simplify forms when engaging with the shire
  • fast-track pre-registration inspections for food businesses.

Are you a business owner in the Shire of Ashburton?

Contact the Shire if you’d like to find out more about the support available to local businesses or to provide feedback on the support you’d like to see them provide.

About the SBFLG program

The SBFLG initiative was developed to recognise the LGAs that are committed to actively supporting small businesses in their local area.

By signing up to the initiative, LGAs agree to identify, improve and review key strategies in order to deliver better services and build closer relationships with their local small businesses.

More than 133,000 small businesses – close to 60 per cent of the State’s small businesses – are supported by their LGA through SBFLG.

Find out more about the SBFLG program, and whether your LGA has signed the charter and details of their commitments to local small businesses.

SBDC news
08 November 2019