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Photo of an 'I love small business sticker' in front of a fridge at a cafe.

Let’s celebrate Small Business Day in WA

Saturday, 27 October is WA Small Business Day, so there’s no better time to ‘think small first’ when you’re buying goods and services.

With more than 221,000 small businesses in Western Australia, small businesses make a critical contribution to the success and attractiveness of our great State.

There’s no better day to say thank you to small business owners for all their hard work than by showing our support and appreciation through choosing to shop with them on WA Small Business Day, and making it part of an ongoing weekly shopping ritual.

How to get involved as a business owner

If you’re a small business owner, there are plenty of ways to get involved. It costs nothing to sign up to participate in WA Small Business Day, provides you with an opportunity to promote your business as well as promoting support of the small business sector more broadly.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Visit the Small Business Matters website to download the free WA Small Business Day marketing resources.
  • Run an event or activity in your business to promote WA Small Business Day and increase foot traffic. If you have other small businesses close to you, you may want to consider teaming up to offer discounts or offers to customers on 27 October.
  • Add your business to the ‘Small Business Locator’. You can also include the details of any Small Business Day discounts or offers you are running.
  • Add the #smallbizwa hashtag on your social media posts

How to get involved as a supporter of small business

  • Choose to shop in small businesses on 27 October rather than going to large supermarkets or retailers.
  • Post on social media to let your friends know you are choosing to shop local and encourage them to do the same.
  • Add the #smallbizwa hashtag on your social media posts.

About WA Small Business Day

WA Small Business Day recognises and celebrates the small business sector and entrepreneurs in our State. Visit the Small Business Matters website to find out more.

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