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16 Days in WA - Stop Violence Against Women

At the SBDC, we’re supporting the State Government’s campaign 16 Days in WA – Stop Violence Against Women, which runs from 25 November to 10 December 2019.

Gender-based violence continues to take a toll on the lives of women, children, young people, families and communities. It also has a significant impact on our social, economic, health and welfare costs.

WA has the unenviable statistic of having recorded the highest number of family and domestic violence related homicide offences across Australia in 2018. We can all contribute towards a better, fairer and more equitable community by speaking out and taking a stand against violence against women. When you hear people doing and saying the wrong thing, all of us need to speak up; doing nothing perpetuates the problem.

The 16 Days in WA - Stop Violence Against Women campaign aims to raise awareness, increase positive actions, and highlight the great work being undertaken by organisations, agencies, communities and individuals working to end violence against women.

Visit the Department of Communities website for more information about the 16 Days in WA campaign and how you can show your support.

If you, or someone you know, is being affected by domestic violence, please contact one of the following organisations for support:

1800 Respect


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