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Survey to fight drug abuse in small business

Although Western Australia’s rate of methamphetamine use has dropped in recent months, it’s still amongst the highest in the nation and is having a dramatic and damaging effect on the community, including the small business community.

In line with the State Government’s Methamphetamine Action Plan (MAP), we are collaborating with Stirling Business Association and the Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry WA (RCCIWA) to conduct a survey of small business owners about meth use in the workplace and the wider community, and what can be done to tackle drug-affected behaviour.

The state-wide survey is designed to reveal how widespread the problem is, how businesses are coping and what can be done to mitigate the damage.

According to our Commissioner, David Eaton, whether it’s through absenteeism, low productivity, theft, violence, workplace injuries or fatalities, drug abuse is taking its toll in the workplace.

Often, small business employers have close relationships with their employees, so having a staff member with a drug habit affects them on many levels, including emotionally and financially.

Stirling Business Association representative and Human Resources (HR) consultant, Jayne Griffiths participated in the State Government’s MAP Taskforce Workplace Forum and believes small business owners often lack the expertise to deal with employees’ drug problems.

Kitty Prodonovich, CEO of RCCIWA says the levels of meth addiction in the regions is having a far reaching and potentially devastating impact that affects the whole community.

The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates the use of drugs, especially meth, otherwise known as ice, is costing Australia around $4.4 billion a year in healthcare, crime and economic loss and this is worse in the regions than in the metro area.

We are encouraging all small business owners to complete the survey as the information gained will assist in formulating effective strategies to tackle this problem. The survey closes Monday 19 February 2018.

Complete the survey on the impact of methamphetamine use on your small business.