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New Website Planning workshop starts 10 May

Website Planning workbook

Having an effective website that really works can be a business's best asset. But what constitutes an effective website and how do you get one?

Our revamped Website Planning workshop (formerly known as Website Basics) is for small business owners who don't have a website, or have one but want to better understand how it works.

This three-hour session explains the types of websites available and what will best meet the needs of your business. It covers options for website development including how to hire professional developers, use templates to build your own website and what's involved in using web builder wizards.

In addition to working from the practical workbook, you'll also get our new Build a website booklet that can be used as the foundation for your new website - whether you're building it yourself or contracting out.

See our Website Planning workshop page for more information and to book your place.