Taxi industry support

From 4 July 2016 major changes to the on-demand transport (taxi) industry in Western Australia have been implemented by the Department of Transport (this also includes the omnibus sector).

If you are a small business owner in the taxi industry (either by owning or leasing taxi plates) a Transition Assistance Package will be available to help you through these changes (subject to eligibility).

The package comprises:

  • A Hardship Fund for taxi plate owners – to be distributed by the Department of Transport
  • An Adjustment Assistance that includes:
    • A transition payment of $20,000 for each owned plate – to be distributed by the Department of Transport
    • Advice and guidance for taxi plate owners and lease plate holders to help you innovate within your business – this support will be provided by the Small Business Development Corporation

As the taxi industry is operating within an increasingly competitive environment it will become even more important to ensure you make informed business decisions. While the changes may have had a significant impact on your business, they will also provide a range of new opportunities. Sound business advice and guidance will help you understand the emerging market and the options available to take your business forward.

If you would like to receive advice and guidance to help your business through the deregulation process please register your interest here.

Full details of the On-demand Transport Reform are available on the Department of Transport website.