90 Day projects

Starting a restaurant

Opening a restaurant or café remains a popular choice for people starting their own business. The first 90 Day Regulatory Mapping project was around the steps involved in opening a restaurant in WA. This has now been developed into an easy read interactive guide.

Eco and nature-based tourism

This 90 Day mapping project was completed in March 2017. More information is available from the Department of Finance.

Small retailers

The Small Business Development Corporation, has undertaken a  project focussed on the red tape burdens involved in opening a retail outlet.

Retail is an important contributor to the WA economy and as at June 2015 the State had more than 12,000 small retailers.  

Due to the tight scope of this project it was not possible to include all retailers and we excluded retailers in the fuel, liquor, motor vehicle and supermarket/grocery sectors. Retailers who operated only through e-commerce (online) channels were also excluded.

This mapping project was completed by mid December 2016. 


A 90 Day mapping project focussed on aquaculture has been completed by the Department of Finance. Further details about the project can be found on their website.