SBDC celebrates 30 years of support and guidance to small business in WA

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) is celebrating 30 years as primary provider of advice and guidance for small business in Western Australia.

Small Business Commissioner, David Eaton, says the Corporation has built a strong reputation over three decades for delivering valuable services and information to the sector and addressing changes in the market.

"In 1984, WA's population consisted of around 1.4 million people, and 52,000 small businesses.

"Today we have more than 211,000 small businesses in Western Australia and a population of over 2.5 million."

Mr Eaton says despite dramatic increase in numbers many of the challenges for small business remain the same; attracting and retaining quality employees, maintaining strong cashflow, meeting the demands of the market and providing good customer service.

Throughout the SBDC's 30 years service, our team of small business advisers has assisted small business owners in all aspects of starting and growing their businesses," Mr Eaton said.

There are also specialist advisers who can provide the latest advice and guidance regarding commercial tenancies, franchising, taxation, and dispute resolution.

The SBDC's Alternative Dispute Resolution service is the only one of its kind available to small business operators throughout the State. The service is an inexpensive way to resolve business to business, business to government or tenant/landlord disputes; getting businesses back to business sooner with relationships intact.

The SBDC advisory service handles around 18,000 personal client contacts each year, and in 2012-13, conducted 100 business workshops for more than 1800 participants.