90 Day Retail Mapping project

The SBDC is calling for small businesses in retail to help shape the future of the sector.

The 90 Day Retail Mapping project was recently announced by the Hon Sean L’Estrange, MLA Minister for Small Business and is aimed at improving the regulatory environment that small retailers must face when entering the market.

The project will identify areas for reform so that retailers’ experience with regulation is as seamless as possible and does not impose unnecessary burdens. The SBDC will conduct the project in collaboration with the Department of Finance.

Input is sought from specific types of retail businesses to identify their ‘pain points’ and share their feedback through an online survey. If you are a small business retailer in:

  • household goods
  • clothing
  • recreational goods
  • specialised food
  • hardware or garden and building supplies
  • pharmacies, newsagents and florists

we invite you to take part in the project.