SBDC e-news – September 2016 Small Business Friendly Local Governments

Small Business Friendly Local Governments - update

In last month’s e-news the Commissioner announced the launch of an exciting new initiative, Small Business Friendly Local Governments, that will pave the way for small business dealing with local government agencies.

The initiative involves local governments signing up to a charter. By signing the charter, they are recognising the value of small business in their community and the way they can influence how attractive their area is for businesses to set up and to grow.

Small businesses need to interact with their local government, on various issues and at many times throughout their life. It is important that the lines of communication are effective and appropriate; so each party understands the priorities and requirements of the other.

Small businesses will be able to recognise local governments that have signed up to the initiative by the ‘small business friendly’ logo being displayed. 

Since the launch, the Town of Victoria Park and the Cities of Armadale, Joondalup and Gosnells have signed up to the charter

The Small Business Development Corporation is encouraging all other local governments to also sign up.