SBDC e-news – October 2016 Stay smart online

Stay smart online with all your devices

As the use of computerised devices for personal and business application increases, the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online initiative is issuing a reminder to treat all internet connected devices as securely as you would a computer.

The term Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular term for all connected networks used to send and receive information. It’s not only confined to computers and mobile phones but devices such as smart fridges, televisions, smoke alarms, cameras and access cards for buildings. All these devices are vulnerable to being attacked, allowing sensitive and private information to be gathered and misused.

Stay Smart Online reminds you to be vigilant in protecting all of your electronic devices by:

  • signing up to receive manufacturers’ security bulletins,
  • ensuring updates are set to apply automatically,
  • being aware of the risk these devices present if attacked, for example, when placing an electronic camera in your business or house,
  • following all instructions when installing the device, as faulty installations may cause a security vulnerability, and
  • changing any default passwords on the device to a secure and private password.

Stay Smart Online also encourages businesses to adopt higher levels of protection and consider creating and using a separate isolated computer network for all internet-connected devices.

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