SBDC e-news – November 2016 New cars

Is buying a new car risky?

Everyone has a tale to tell about buying or selling cars. Now is your opportunity to tell yours.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is currently investigating the new car retailing industry to review industry practices and identify risks to consumers (including small businesses as consumers) and the competitive process.

The key issues being covered by the study include:

  • compliance with consumer guarantee obligations and the ability of consumers to enforce their rights
  • the interaction between consumer guarantees, manufacturers’ warranties and dealers’ extended warranties
  • the effect on competition and consumers of post-sale service arrangements (such as servicing and repair)
  • the availability and access to repair and service information and data for new cars, and
  • the false, misleading and deceptive practices in relation to fuel consumption, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, noxious emissions and car performance

The study is also exploring the buying behaviours and expectations of consumers when purchasing new cars.

The ACCC is keen to hear from all interested stakeholders, including consumers and small businesses. 

The stakeholder consultation period closes on 14 November 2016.

See more information about the study.