SBDC e-news – July 2016 New food labelling

New food labelling laws effective 1 July 2016

The Australian Government has introduced a new ‘country of origin’ food labelling system designed to make it clearer where the products you buy are produced, grown, made or packed.

Easy to understand labels will tell you, at a glance, where a product comes from, so you can make a clear and informed decision.

For many years, Australian have been demanding that food labels be clearer, more meaningful and accurate. Up until now, it was hard to know the difference between descriptions like ‘made in’ and ‘product of’. The new labels will now be easier to understand so you can make a quick, yet informed, decision in the supermarket aisle, at the fruit and vegetable shop, or the market.

For example, an imported product cannot claim it was ‘made in Australia’ if it has only undergone minor processing, such as slicing, canning, crumbing, reconstitution or repackaging in Australia.

Food that is produced, grown or made in Australia will have the kangaroo logo, as well as text and a bar chart to show the percentage of Australian ingredients. Food that is packed in Australia will only have the text and bar chart showing the percentage of Australian ingredients. Imported food will clearly show the country of origin.

Under the new system, businesses will have two years to sell current stock and change their labels to comply with the new law. Compliance becomes mandatory on 1 July 2018.

For more information on food labelling, visit Department of Industry