SBDC e-news – August 2016

From the Commissioner

Despite the cold weather persisting, Spring is in the air and we’re now seeing more blue skies than grey. However, what is also still persisting is the problem of big businesses dragging out their payment periods for smaller businesses.

As you receive this e-news, I’m on my way to a Small Business Commissioners’ meeting in Melbourne, where this issue will be a major topic for discussion. It’s clear from my counterparts in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, that WA is not the only state suffering this dilemma.

Businesses have a responsibility to ensure their practices and policies do not place undue stress on their customers and suppliers. New unfair contract laws, coming into play in November, will go some way to addressing this problem, but there is still the onus on individual businesses to do the right thing.

On a brighter note, this month we’re also unveiling a new SBDC initiative designed to help build stronger, more productive relationships between local governments and small businesses.

We’ve been working on the Small Business Friendly Local Governments (SBFLG) initiative for some time, partially in response to the significant number of disputes we see between small business and local government authorities.

Our aim is to help create small business friendly local governments by acknowledging those shires, councils, towns and cities that are already supporting their local small business communities, and encouraging others to commit to the SBFLG Charter.

Minister for Small Business, Sean L’Estrange and Minister for Local Government, Tony Simpson officially launched the program, and we’ve promoted it to local governments at the recent WALGA Local Government Exhibition. I’m pleased to say our initiative has been very well received.

We hope you enjoy our August e-news and that you’ll take this opportunity to forward the information to your members and associates. If you’d like further details on any of the issues covered this month, please contact us on 13 12 49.

David Eaton
Small Business Commissioner