Policy submissions

Recent policy submissions

Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand – Review of the Australian Consumer Law

This review looks at the content of the Australian Consumer Law, particularly whether the protections are adequate or need reform. There are two stages to the consultation and the review will conclude with CAANZ tabling its report to Federal Parliament in March 2017.

The first consultation stage involved the release of an Issues Paper. You can view our submission in relation to this issues paper in PDF (19-page, 745 KB) or Word (19-page, 87.2 KB) format.

CAANZ collated responses to the issues paper and produced an Interim Report, which distilled down the issues that they deemed important/ practical for reform. The second involved responses to the Interim Report, to which we did another submission.  You can view our second submission in PDF (22-page, 917 KB) or Word (22-page, 102 KB) format. 

We met with the CAANZ Secretariat twice in 2016 and produced 2 written submissions. 

Productivity Commission – Consumer Law Enforcement and Administration Review

This review looked at the regulator model, particularly how well the multiple regulators were working at administering and enforcing the ACL across Australian jurisdictions. Although this review was not looking at how the regulators assist small businesses specifically, we used this as an opportunity to advocate that small businesses should be assisted by the regulators to the same extent as individual consumers. You can view our submission in PDF (6-page, 350 KB) or Word (6-page, 29.8 KB) format.