Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Objectives

Our Vision

A strong and enterprising small business sector in Western Australia.


Our Mission

To facilitate and deliver relevant, practical support to small businesses and foster the development of policy conducive to the growth of a thriving sector.


Our Values

We value a culture of enterprise and innovation within the community.

We act with courage, discipline and clarity of purpose.

We are trusted to act in the best interests of the small business sector.

We value an environment where small business can thrive.

We actively engage with others to achieve our mutual objectives.


Our Strategic Objectives

♦  Offer continually improving, practical and relevant services across Western Australia.

♦  Model contemporary service delivery.

♦  Build strong engagement with and commitment from all key stakeholder groups.

♦  Advocate for a fair, conducive and productive environment for small business.

♦  Develop our organisational capacity and capability.

♦  Ensure the best return on government funds invested in the development of the sector.

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